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Tatiana Boïko

The theme of Communications has been a common thread running through my multidisciplinary work for 25 years. In 2016, I chose ceramics as my main medium of expression and, have been pursuing my career as a ceramist ever since.

Through my ceramic sculptures, I aim to showcase the social dynamics that shape our behavior and ultimately our lives. I am intrigued by the ever-shifting nature of values in modern society, where what is deemed good or bad can change rapidly and unpredictably, not just across cultures or generations, but often within the same individuals and communities. My sculptures seek to challenge the excesses and contradictions that have become so prevalent in our world today.

I primarily create works with abstract shapes, drawing inspiration from the curves of the human anatomy. I explore the relationship between the form and glaze and the way they connect in one narrative. Passionate by the glazes, I devote an important part of my work to the glaze research, often moving the boundaries between the clay body and the glaze itself.

I mostly work with grogged stoneware, a strong and durable material that I find ideal for sculptural expression. I use a combination of glazing methods and fire my pieces multiple times to achieve a rich, textured ceramic skin with bold colours. The textural depth of the glaze and the vibrant hues are integral to my work, as they infuse each piece with energy and life making it emotionally resonant.

Additionally, I am eager to incorporate other mediums such as wool and synthetic hair into my artwork to support my creative ideas. The combination of such elements with my primary medium creates a dynamic interplay of texture and colour, boosting the visual and tactile aspects of each piece.



_ XVIIe Parcours Céramique Carougeois,

International Biennial of Contemporary Ceramcs, Carouge

_ 5. FATart, Schaffhausen

_ Au gré des grès, Chène-Bougerie


_ London Art Biennale

_ Design week, Milan  

_ #RE, Coppet 

2020, 2021, 2022

_ Resident at the Bruckner's Foundation - Ceramic centre, Carouge


_ Couleurs!

Ceramic market by the Musée Ariana during the Heritage Days, Geneva

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