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Tatiana Boïko

Ceramic myself

For me, ceramics is an art form that encompasses four dimensions. While its sculptural aspect offers a three-dimensional experience, with each side, back, top, and bottom presenting a potential revelation for the viewer, it is the glaze that adds another dimension to the work. Indeed, the glaze takes the piece to another level, inviting the viewer to delve into its soul. Whether smooth and shiny or rough and earthy, the glaze always imbues the piece with an emotional energy.

Technically, the glaze is a delicate balance between control and chance. While I am controlling the materials and process, the final result can be influenced by a random variety of factors such as the firing temperature, the duration and the atmospheric conditions in the kiln. It adds an exciting layer of surprise and unpredictability to the glazing process, making each piece a true expression of both my intention and the alchemy of the process.

When I first entered the ceramic world, I could never have imagined how vast this universe would be, and how it continues to expand as I gain more experience. This fills me with excitement of what lies ahead.

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